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Enjoy with Friends and Family. Be Social at the Jewel of Jozi. Come Experience Sailing in the Heart of Jozi. Come Sail in the Heart of Jozi. Enjoy easy Sailing on your doorstep. Braai till the beautiful sunset. Recreation in the Heart of Jozi. Refresh your soul in the Heart of Jozi. Familiarize in the Heart of Jozi. Come get really wet in Jozi. Experience safe Open Water Swimming. Connect with Family in the Heart of Jozi. Chill on the lawn with mates and watch the sunset.

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Courtesy of Stephen 'O Raw - Sail training session at Emmarentia Sailing Club, 11 February 2017

Sailing Meets Family and Fun

Is there a single greater thing you can teach an eight, nine, or ten-year old than to sail solo?

Name me another activity that teaches geometry, mechanics, and physics while showing a small child that the mind always matters more than brute strength, and that size and gender are irrelevant to success.

A sport where the playing field of wind and water mutates with every race to remind them that nature is ever-dynamic – yet enforces rules of right-of-way, sportsmanship, and marine safety.

Lessons that train them to assemble complex sails and rigging, wash their own clothes, and not panic when capsizing.

Lessons that teach them to trust their judgement, take responsibility for their decisions and not to blame anyone/anything else other than themselves.

A lifestyle that begins with a love for the water, and ends with a wizard-like ability to read its secret language of waves, clouds, currents and the predictable movement of a boat.

Sailing is a way of seeing the world - without a digital screen.

-- Wesley Hsu